We here at the Broken J Lazy A Ranch believe we have something special to offer.

No hype and no need for promises! What we have here is the "Real" thing.

Look Closely - the Beauty, the Conformation.


What you see here is the Prevailing POWER, SPIRIT, and BEAUTY of Real Bonanza!

How it all began...

It all began in 1990 with the purchase of a small acreage in Butler County , Iowa . Jim Luebbers was a district manager for the "Kent Feed Company." He traveled the area promoting and helping farmers set up feed rations for their livestock. Ann Luebbers had just left the very prestigious "Midwest Training Centre" where she had been training western pleasure show horses - with the likes of Bill Porcher and Randy Anderson for David Boggs of Elk River , Minnesota .

Ann's job with the Arabian show horses took her around the world going from show to show. Being gone from home so much made her decide to take a break. After 12 plus years this was enough. That is when Ann joined her high school sweetheart and started "the Ranch."

It started out with some stock cows which later grew to well over 100 cow/calf pairs and then came the horses. Ann trained a few outside horses for people. The horses were used to check the cattle in the pastures, wooded areas and across Beaver Creek which ran through the property. A lot of the local cowboys thought Jim (300 pounds and 6'6") looked strange riding an almost 14.3 hand Arabian mare to do this work. So they decided to find a "Real" horse for Jim. That is when they stumbled across Real Bonanza. A friend had him and did not think that he had the speed and mental attitude to be a great chuck wagon horse. (Thank God!)

When Dwight Weilenga heard we had him he was elated. Real was kept for Ann to show. So she went to the Paint Horse World and Congress shows to see how "those" horses were supposed to go. That looked easy compared to the "bridled up and big" Arabians that she used to train. That was the end to the trailrides and strolls in the pastures counting cows. Real went on to win several titles in the Iowa Paint Horse Club. Soon after, Real was earning Honor Roll and Leading Sire titles.

Times have changed. Jim now manages the local grain elevator in town, takes care of, and owns several hog sites, runs about 60-70 head of stock cows and bales a lot of hay in his spare time. Ann has gotten her amateur card and takes care of the breeding operations that breed close to 100 mares a year with Real Bonanza. Ann does all of the A.I. while Katie Good and Linda Penwell assist with collecting and shipping. Dr. Lee Johnson is the attending veterinarian who does all the palpating and health care of the mares and foals. Dr. Phil Edler, with the help of Dr. Johnson, take care of the show horses.

Fifeteen to twenty foals are raised each year. Ann prepares a few horses each year for futurities and the junior classes. The breeding season normally runs through July making it hard to have anything ready by fall futurity time. A few horses are sent out each year for training.  Scott and Julie Suggs have helped with the futurity horses, as well as, buying a select group of youngsters. Thanks to trainers like Bobbie Emmons, who have a barn full of Real horses, the west coast has fallen in love with Team Real. Real horses can be found across the nation, continuing to keep their sire on the APHA's leading sire list.

There is another addition to the family, our daughters. Bailey is 11 years old and Ella 1 year old. Bailey loves her horse, Got The Real Stuff, better known as Piglet. She plans to show him in the13 and under all-around events. Bailey loves to ride, fish, camp and play basketball. Baby Ella is content watching the barn cats and dragging them around. She loves to watch her big sister ride, especially when she lopes. We all have high hopes that she too will love the horses.

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  • We take care of visiting mares and foals as if they were our own.
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